The Crown Act

The Crown Act is LAW in TEXAS!


Davette is the founder of the, San Antonio Natural Hair Society.

She has worked tirelessly for decades to not only to make natural hairstyles legal in all branches of the military, which has happened.  She has also been leading the charge to get the Crown Act signed into law in Texas, all 50 states, Puerto Rico & US Territories.

The Crown Act makes it illegal to discriminate against natural hairstyles at work, at school and in all government institutions and organizations.

As of this writing, 21 state’s Governors have signed the Crown Act into law. Watch the clip below to see the effort Davette and so many others have accomplished to get the Crown Act signed in, Austin, San Antonio and now, the entire state of Texas!

Special thanks to Robert Price of WOAI SA TV 4 for his exemplary work producing this video. Thanks also to

Brandi Coleman, CEO of The Lemonade Circle & Jalen McKree-Rodriguez, San Antonio District Council 2