Classes & Course Descriptions

San Antonio Natural Hair Society

Coming this Fall, 2020 the San Antonio Natural Hair Society under the direction of Davette will be conducting classes in Natural Hair Style Techniques & Professional Business Development.

EVALUATION – course: C001

Davette will evaluate & consult with you about:

  • Your current level of natural hair style experience
  • Sanitation training
  • Basic business status & potential


This is a powerful course.  Mastering this class  means you have the knowledge to turn a skill into a profession and even, a career

  1. Know Your Rights
  2. Sanitation- Clips & Combs
  3. Professional Practices
  4. Braiding, Locing & Weaving- Definitions & History
  5. Common Sense Marketing


  • Learning to work with all textures of hair

course: C002

BASIC CARE & MAINTENANCE – Finishing Touches

  • Professional secrets of hair styling

course: C002A

Braids without Extensions

  • Cornrows and Individuals 

Course: C003

Braid Extensions – Knotless Technique

  • Cornrows

Course: C004

Braid Extensions – Knotless Technique

  • Individuals

Course: C004A

Advanced Braiding

  • Micro Cornrows

Course: C005

Advanced Braiding

  • Micro Individuals

Course: C005A

Braid Weave

  • Cornrows


Braid Weave

  • Individuals

Course: C006A

Loc’s 101 Start Patterns * Basic Care

  • Loc’s Palm Roll – Learn correct way to palm roll 

Course: LC101

Loc’s 102 Start Patterns * Basic Care

  • Loc’s Interlocking Learn the correct way to Micro Loc 

Course: LC102

Advanced Locing Techniques

  • Loc Extensions 

Course: C007

Advanced Locing Techniques

  • Instant Locs

Course: C008

Please note: the cost of Advanced Locing Techniques does not include the cost of equipment

Classes are between 4 to 8 hours in length each day for the duration of the course.  Contact Davette for specifics.