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San Antonio Natural Hair Society

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Course: C001


This is a powerful course.  Mastering this class  means you have the knowledge to turn a skill into a profession and even, a career

  1. Know Your Rights
  2. Sanitation- Clips & Combs
  3. Professional Practices
  4. Braiding, Locing & Weaving- Definitions & History
  5. Common Sense Marketing

Course: C001A


  • Learning to work with all textures of hair

Course: C002

BASIC CARE & MAINTENANCE – Finishing Touches

  • Professional secrets of hair styling

Course: C002A

Braids without Extensions

  • Cornrows & Individuals

Course: C003

Braid Extensions – Knotless Technique

  • Cornrows

Course: C004

Braid Extensions – Knotless Technique

  • Individuals

Course: C004A

Advanced Braiding

  • Micro Cornrows

Course: C005

Advanced Braiding

  • Micro Individuals

Course: C005A

Braid Weave

  • Cornrows

Course: C006

Braid Weave

  • Individuals

Course: C006A

LOCS 101 Start Patterns * Basic Care

  • Locs – Palm Roll – Learn correct way to palm roll

Course: LC101

LOCS 102 Start Patterns * Basic Care

  • Locs – Interlocking Learn the correct way to Micro Loc

Course: LC102

LOCS 103 Advanced Locing Techniques

  • Loc Extensions

Course: LC103

LOCS 104 Advanced Locing Techniques

  • Instant Locs

Course: LC104

Please note: the cost of Advanced Locing Techniques does not include the cost of equipment

Classes are between 4 to 8 hours in length each day for the duration of the course.  Contact Davette for specifics.